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賽 夫 生 物     服 務 農 業

Handan SAFIT Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
Saifu Biological Services Agriculture


      SAFIT plant technology Co.,Ltd, located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. GA is the agricultural continents, the state has more than 60000 farms, fruit, vegetables and other economic crops is very developed, reputed "the land of peach tree" in the United States.
      With a strong scientific research team, SAFIT tech has invested $5 trillion a year in research on plant biology and plant nutrition for the nutritional needs of crops.Founded in August 2014, as a solely operating company in china market, Handan SAFIT biotechnology co., LTD., is a             comprehensive enterprise with research,development, and production, sales.
      At present mainly engaged in high-end water soluble fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, microbial fertilizer research and development production and sales, focused on peach, apple, citrus fruit, and vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumber, economic crops, effect is outstanding, loved by the masses of farmers with the high praise.
      Handan SAFIT provides the high quality of agrochemical service, advocating ecological agriculture development to realize the aim of increasing the income of agricultural production enterprises, and constantly contribute to the sustainable development of the modern high-quality and high-efficiency agriculture!